LAN and InterNetwork Solutions

LAN and InterNetwork Solutions

Pathfinder Network Consulting: This covers the entire Network Life Cycle from design through installation to support and management. The incorporated services are designed to meet your total business requirements in the area of multi-vendor networks. Specifically it includes:
 Network Strategy Development:
 Infrastructure Capacity Planning:
 Network Design
 Design Ratification
 Tender Review
 Security Strategy
 Internet Feasibility / Needs Analysis Study
 E-mail Feasibility Study

Local Area Network products and services including:
 Design and Deployment of Wired and Wireless multimedia
Local Area Network
 Supply of LAN’s Active Building Blocks – Server Hardware, Hubs, Switches, etc
 Network operations and management
 Deployment of various MS Windows and UNIX operatingsystem and environments
 Electronic Messaging System – email, etc

Wide Area Network and Remote Access Infrastructure Deployment which include:

 Deployment of Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Internet and Other Public Access Network 7
 Supply, configuration and Support of WAN active components
– Routers, Remote Access Servers, WAN Switches, WAN (X25,     Frame Relay, etc) cards, etc
 Provision and Support of Point-to-Point WAN links for data and digitised voice and video. These include PTO Leased circuits, VSAT, and Terrestrial microwave links


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