E-Business Solutions

E-Business Solutions

We facilitate the introduction, deployment and continue operation of network-enabled application. Our focus is in packaging together hardware and software
solutions from industrial leaders to meet specific business application.

Currently, we have product-suites and expertise in the following areas. The details
are specified in respective other documents.

Office Automation and Management Information System
1. Microsoft Office Application Suite
2. Data Warehousing
3. Document Management and tracking

Enterprise Business Communications (EBC) solutions including
 e-Document Delivery: Low-cost, efficient and timely delivery of mission-critical documents from legacy, host and ERP applications via fax, email or
over the Internet
 Mobile Messaging: Our mobile message solutions give access to customers and staff members, private and public information from mobile devices. Our solutions incorporate WAP technology, conversion technology and advanced
SMS information routing technology.
 Unified Messaging: Our unified messaging solutions bring together all message types in a single email storage box, unifying voice and fax. The frustration of accessing different types of messages from more than one
location is thus eliminated.


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